Is Derek Carr Superman If He Returns From A Broken Back In Two Weeks?

Unfortunate day for Raiders fans, losing Derek Carr for an extended period of time again, but all might not be lost. At first, I get these notifications start coming in. I start reading, I see out 2-6 weeks and immediately think, oh ok he’s got back contusions or a messed up disc. Maybe even a bruised kidney. The hit looked bad, but not THAT bad. Then I continue reading and it finishes with “minor spine fracture” and “fracture in his back.” Wait, what the fuck. I’m no Doogie Houser, but you’re telling me Derrick Carr broke his back and he’s gonna be suiting it up for full contact in as little as 14 fucking days?

How is this possible? There is nothing “minor” about a broken back. The spine literally controls all movements in your body, without it, you cannot walk. Many people can attest to this. No fake news here folks. We need to do some investigating here, this could be a Magic Johson with AIDS situation we got forming here. Maybe the Raiders have figured out how to cure the incurable? Maybe Derek Carr is an alien, maybe he’s Superman. Somethings up and we gotta get to the bottom of it. When you break your back, no matter how “minor” I don’t know how you’re not out 14 years, let alone 14 days.

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