The Boston Celtics Are Exactly Who We Thought They Were

Oh my, how the tides have changed. Just a week ago we were showering the Celtics with praise for getting the one seed. At the same time dubiously questioning the Cavs lack of pursuit of that same one seed and resting players. Now after an embarrassing 111-97 loss at home, the Celtics are down 2-0 while Cleveland is up 2-0 on the Pacers. Now is this Boston-Chicago series over? Yup, it’s as good as done.

We can look at this many ways and every way it tell us its over. Statistically going down 2-0 you have just a 13 percent chance to win the series as the one seed. However, if they would have won and it had been 1-1 they would have a 55 percent chance to win. So yes, this was a must-win game, and they squandered it. At least in game one they played hard and competed, which reflected in the game and score. But this game man, what the fuck did I just watch. They played with no heart, passion, and failed to execute. They looked as bad as the Brooklyn Nets tonight, no joking aside. It was so bad Rajon Rondo shouted “They’ve given up, they’ve given up” If Rondo yelling that isn’t rock bottom, shit, I don’t know what is.

The eye test is all I need though. It’s like this team doesn’t want it, which is crazy. They’ve been a hungry and great defensive team all year. I’ve always questioned where their offense will come from when IT isn’t clicking, but defense? Damn, if they ain’t playing d might as well just call it a wrap. The problem with the Celtics is they have a million role players and one offensive superstar in Thomas. They also overpaid the fuck out of Al Horford who at this point is no more than a glorified role player. 

Also their rebounding, or their lack of. They are getting beat up on the boards bad. They were the third worst rebounding team in the regular season and the Bulls were one of the best. So clear mismatch there, and that won’t change. Out rebounded by 16 in game one and 5 in game two.Rondo, Butler, and Lopez are all great rebounders for the Bulls. Olynk, Johnson, and Thomas are not. In fact, nobody is for the Celtics other than gritty guard Avery Bradley. Add this to the fact that the Bulls have the best player on the court in Jimmy Butler, very rare for an 8 seed over a 1. Also with glimpses of greatness from Dwyane Wade and star potential in Rondo they are just outmatched.

Although not a big fan of Rajon have to give credit where credit is due. After being benched for a part of the season, he has come back with a vengeance. Does it surprise me? Not at all, after being considered a cancer to many teams and going against his ex-team in the C’s I figured he would be coming for blood. 11 points, 9 rebounds, and 14 assists though, dude is balling. This is the Rondo of old the Celtics were accustomed to, but now they’re on the losing end of it. The Bulls really are just a bad matchup for the Celtics and they look deflated. My heart goes out to Thomas and his family, but his team doesn’t seem to be bringing it which is sad to see.

The Celtics may be well coached but they don’t have the firepower offensively. They don’t have the rebounding and they are finally who we thought they were. What do I mean? They were just +2.6 in the margin of win, extremely low for a one seed. To compare the Warriors were +11.6, now that’s dominate. How did they get the one seed then? Well, it’s no news to anyone the East is nowhere as competitive and then the Cavs rested players. But in regards to their team, they played great in close games, playing stout defense and letting IT takeover. But this is the playoffs, teams aren’t gonna let IT beat them and when they don’t defend? That’s a mediocre team with no superstar, a bunch of role players, and not even a co-star to Thomas. I give you the Boston Celtics.

So it’s all but over Boston, say goodnight. As for why you guys do not get any respect that you and your fans have been chirping about, this is why. This will be the third straight first round loss for this team. Yup, they’ve never made it out of the first round. And people wanna talk about them beating the Cavs? Please. Cleveland laughed at the C’s pride in the one seed. LeBron doesn’t need a one seed. The Bulls have the talent of at least a four seed and they are finally playing up to their potential which is nice to see especially being a lifelong D-Wade fan. Now headed back home to Chicago expect Marquette alums Wade and Butler to put a stamp on this series. One win at the minimum but if we’re being honest it might be time to bring the brooms out.

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