In Classic LeBron Fashion He Deliberately Disrespects National Anthem Just To Make Sure He Got His Camera Time

UMMMM?! Wheres the angry mob? The nationalists and purists coming out defending the honor of the flag? Because honestly, this is way more disrespectful than what Kaepernick did. At least Kaepernick had somewhat of a worthy cause or good intentions with his protest. He was quiet and peaceful. This isn’t a protest. This is loud, insecure attention whoring. LeBron’s over here putting on a show. Guy had the camera in his peripherals the entire time, waiting for the perfect moment to steal the show. I wouldn’t be shocked in the least if he pre-arranged the camera guy to be positioned right there at that exact time. It’s LeBron one oh fucking one.

What was LeBron’s reasoning for disrespecting the flag? Oh, he just wanted everyone to see he can scream really loud and he “cares” about the game so much he couldn’t hold in his excitement the extra 10 seconds until the anthem was over? Seems legit.

LeBron is just the worst. Everything he does is so calculated and cringeworthy. The worst part of it all? He thinks people can’t see right through it. He just HAD TO flip out right in front of the camera, HAD TO. I’m surprised the singer didn’t stop right before the last two lines and just be like “Hey Lebron…shut the fuck up!” You don’t see the singer starting up the anthem half way through the starting lineups, do you? Yea I didn’t think so. So don’t start screaming your bloody head off during America’s starting lineup.

I’ve never served in the armed forces and I truly thank everyone and their families who have made that sacrifice so all of us don’t have to. But, I do know a large number of veterans and I can only hope they were as disgusted by this purposeful and gluttonous disrespect of our nation and what we stand for as I was.

Shame on you Lebron. I would say you’re better than that, but you’re not. You absolutely should be, but you absolutely are not.

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