The Cavs Played In California So Naturally Their Locker Room Reeked Of Weed

Of all the non-stories that become stories, this has to be at the top of my list. The Cleveland Cavaliers, an NBA team, playing in California, following a loss, with JR Smith on the roster locker room smelled like weed. Gee ya fucking think?

How many more indicators do you need? How many more stereotypes could we possibly pile on? How is anyone even 1% surprised by this? Whenever JR Smith is in a weed legal state I just envision him having a bowl of pre-rolled joints at his locker, like a scene out of a Wiz Khalifa music video. Handing them out to everyone like a 420 Jesus. Did you see his game 2 performance? Let’s just say he better hope he was high as shit. At least then he might have an excuse for the shit show of a game he had.

Let us all not forget this is also a group of millionaires, mostly in their 20’s. What do guys in their 20’s do? They smoke weed. What do millionaires in their 20’s do? Smoke even more weed. A current NBA player told me not too long ago that 85-90% of NBA players smoke weed. He even said that players he knows used to go smoke a blunt in their cars during and prior to warmups. I promised I wouldn’t name names. I don’t wanna break the trust like that.

It was Ben Gordon, he was talking about Ben Gordon.

You just had an epiphany of why and how Ben Gordon’s career fizzled into nothingness, didn’t you? Now I’m not sure who the culprit was in this instance. Could it have been a reporter? Event staff? Coach? Player? Sure. It could have been any of them. One person, it was not? Lebron James. He doesn’t get down like that. He’s a red wine guy. Nothing else cheers Bronny up like a nice glass of Cab after a tough loss. It’s just basketball though right Bron Bron? It doesn’t matter, right? Dont worry though, I’m sure the NBA won’t drug test Lebron “randomly” right after a playoff game like they “randomly” tested Kawhi Leonard after a playoff game.

Luckily the NBA seems to be at the forefront of changing this illogical rule. We’re at a point in society where believing weed is bad for you is no longer a personal preference or belief, like God or something. No, now you’re just flat out wrong. So with that let’s start the new campaign. Get with the times NBA. Continue top be the GOAT of all commissioners, Adam Silver and #LetJRGetHighAgain.

There’s nothing more fun to watch than a high JR Smith. I did it for two plus years in New York and it was magnificent.

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