The Rest Of The Banana Boat Boys Come To The Defense Of Charles Oakley, List Of Support Is Endless


The support for Oakley continues to pour in, 24 hours later the count reads somewhere along the lines of Oakley – 50 something million, Dolan – 0. The “Banana Boat Boys” (Wade, Lebron, Carmelo and CP3) have thrown their official support behind Oakley, showering him with praise on Instagram in wake of the Wednesday night incident. As the facts continue to come out and the Knicks PR account continues to be James Dolan tweeting, shooting himself in the foot, we are increasingly realizing how badly wronged Oak Tree was last night. We’ve heard only great unwavering support for Oakley, nothing but the total opposite for Dolan and the Knicks. If there was anyone left that felt #UncleOak was out of line, the influence of the banana boat boys will change that.

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