Tiger Woods Gets DUI, Releases A Curious Explanation

Tiger Woods with quite the curveball here. Obviously, when you hear DUI, you instantly think alcohol. That’s what 95% of them are. I completely made that number up but seems legit enough. Point is, as hard as it is to say or imagine. I believe him. Aside from that whole adultery thing, Tiger is considered a fairly honest guy. My guess is that he isn’t going to lie about a felony police investigation/charge. Especially when that information will become public record and the truth will very easily be uncovered when the time comes. There’s just no real advantage there. He could have just apologized and gone on his way. We would have all thought he had a couple too many drinks on the way home and we’d forgot about it in a week.

Tiger has also never really had any trouble with alcohol or even drugs in the past. None publicly documented at least. He’s never gotten in a bar fight, made a drunken fool of himself at an event or even gotten in any alcohol infused outbursts with fans. He’s just never been that type of guy. Tiger is a loner, he’s not a socialite. He’d rather stay home and bang girls chill by himself. He built half a golf course and driving range in his backyard so he didn’t have to go to the club and see people whenever he wanted to get some swings in.

Now did he know his prescribed pills wouldn’t have an effect on him like they did? was he possibly abusing them? I’m not going to rule it out. I can see a world where that is the case, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, for now. Whatever the outcome of this is, it will all disappear. Let’s be honest, he’s a billionaire and oh yeah, Tiger Woods. As messed up as it is, a DUI is like a parking ticket to people like him. As long as he doesn’t go for the Tiger Slam of DUI’s then, net-net, he’ll be just fine. Plus, Who needs Tiger adding another thing to the laundry list of problems he has. He’s on an important mission to fulfill his new destiny. #MakeSundaysGreatAgain.

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