Kobe Bryant Posts Instagram Picture Of His New Retirement “Dad Bod”

Good for you Kobe. Not for owning the Dad bod, but merely getting to that point in the first place. Kobe Bryant is going ALL IN on retirement. Similar to Jeter, he’s stayed completely away from the sport he dominated for two decades. He went from Basketball 365 days a year to zero days a year and he’s loving every second of it.

Not to mention Kobe’s version of a Dad bod is like 98% of America’s dream body. He;s just chilling by the pool, having no cares in the world. not trying a bit and still besting all us normal plebs. That’s just how the Mamba does it. For some guys, things just always work out, even their worst days or situations are still pretty damn good. That’s Kobe, that’s Mamba, that’s #MambaThick.

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