Spurs Lose Tony Parker Does This Mean They Lose The Series Too?

After Tony Parker came down awkwardly in the third quarter on his left leg of Game 2, things looked grim. Although the Spurs responded and thwarted the Rockets they knew they inevitably lost their longtime veteran point guard. Thursday that became a reality as he was diagnosed with a torn quadriceps tendon. With the series tied at 1-1, what does this mean for the Spurs going forward?

Well, I’ll tell ya what, it’s not good. For starters this means the Spurs lose their longtime floor general. Parker is a high IQ player who is a product of Pop, always makes the right play. The injury means Aussie Patty Mills will be trusted into the starting lineup, something I think should have been done in the regular season. The Mills swap gives them a younger more athletic player and a better shooter. But the intangibles like experience and basketball IQ that Parker gave will be greatly missed. Many Spurs fans think Mills can handle the load but are obviously devastated about the Parker injury who has never missed a playoff game. It’s a shame too because he was playing really well averaging 15.6ppg and shooting 58 % from three in these playoffs.

Another positive that could come from this is more minutes for Jonathan Simmons. Really fucking hate the Spurs but damn I love me some Jonathan Simmons. Simmons worked his way up from the D-league into an explosive young guard who can shoot drive and just seems to do all the little things. You need a charge, he’s got you. Another Pop Product.

Now is the reality check for all the Spurs fans, what happens when Mills gets in foul trouble? This series looks like it will be 6-7 games. You can’t tell me James Harden won’t get him in foul trouble AT LEAST one or two games. The way the game is called nowadays plays right into Harden’s dubious ways. How many times have we seen Harden draw contact on a 3? Ya leave your hand in the cookie jar, James makes you pay. I know it’s kinda bullshit, but damn he’s good at it. Then he just constantly draws contact attacking the rim. Mills will be in foul trouble at some point, believe me.

This and when he goes to the bench is where the trouble starts for them. I guess Ginobili and Leonard can handle the ball but they’re by no means point guards in any way shape or form. So then we have a developmental prospect like Kyle Anderson, a good defender, but other then that has shockingly been a disappointment for the Spurs. So here is the real issue. We go from been there done that Tony Parker to Kyle Anderson in crucial minutes for the Spurs. Yeah no bueno is right. Huge cause for concern.

Do I think the injury is life and death for the Spurs? Nah it’s not when you have Greg Popovich and a team that has players always ready to answer the call. But what will be the end of the series is if the Rockets win both these two games at home. Houston is a tough place to play and I anticipate they do so. Followed by a San Antonio home win and then with the Rockets finishing up the series at home in 6. Houston in 6 was my prediction before and I’m sticking to it but this should be one hell of series. If the Rockets make their three’s at home its night night for San Antonio and.. Yup more cutthroat yet priceless press conference by Pop, so you should all be rooting against the Spurs basically. That shit is just too funny.

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