Allen Iverson Pays Homage To His Infamous “Practice” Rant In New Promo For The Atlanta Braves


It’s not often you see Allen Iverson talk about his famous “Practice” rant. It’s better that way. It’s arguably the most well know sports press conference rant of all-time. Hearing about it all the time would dilute its value to history. It needs that shroud of mystery or taboo.

I must say though, this promo is well done. With these type of things you always have to assume some level of cheesiness, but we didn’t get that here. I mean yeah, it had a tad bit of a cheesy minor league baseball feel, but nowhere near the level I expected.

Apparently, there are worries about the parking situation at the Braves big shiny new stadium. The message fit perfectly alongside Iverson’s rant. As a lifelong Braves fan, I’m sure Iverson was a little pumped about hyping his new team. No doubt he worked in a permanent luxury box in that deal. That Reebok money ain’t coming in no more.

The OG rant that got us to where we are today.

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