Andrew McCutchen Puts Trolling Fan In A Twitter Bodybag

Listen, the internet is a sewer today, an advanced technologically sound sewer. And Twitter is the epicenter. Everything has been said and everything has been seen. So if you’re gonna sling some shit on Twitter, especially at an athlete, who gets chirped at all day, you better bring your fucking A Game. Creativity and cleverness at their peeks. If you hit them with something generic or played out, getting ready to get torched. Andrew McCutchen did just that.

Andddd BOOM ROASTED! Our friend Brandon here went with neither creative or clever, but did nail generic and played out right on the head! Really gotta be a twitter rookie to have thought he stood a snowball’s chance in hell to make this one work out. The old “playing golf or on your couch while others are in the playoffs” routine. Just 2nd-grade stuff at best. I love when athletes come out of their shell and put unknowledgeable or ignorant fans in their place. Reminding them exactly where they really stand on the food chain. Because at the end of the day, winning is nice and all, but ill take millions of dollars, extra vacation and banging my hot wife any day of the week.

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