Boys To Finally Cut Romo, Why He Should Stay In Texas

Well, Jerry Jones is finally about to swallow his pride and do what he needed to do, cut Tony Romo. This decision will be extra hard on Jerry, because of his emotional attachment to Tony. Bittersweet for sure, but long overdue. The Boys had hardly any drama last year going 13-3, for a change, it went fairly smooth. But, whenever there was drama it was stubborn Jerry Jones saying erroneous comments about Romo, leaving the rest of us in utter disbelief. Dak Prescott was exceptional, to say the least, last year, even with all of Jerry’s peculiar comments, he didn’t budge, composed throughout. But tomorrow, Dallas turns over a new leaf. Romo will no longer be a Cowboy come Thursday and will be released according to Adam Schefter.

Of course, they would love to keep him but that’s just not plausible. First off, Tony wants to be a starter and deservedly so. Few people realize how great Tony Romo really is. He is FOURTH all-time in passer rating at 97.2, just 0.1 points behind “the goat” as they call him Tom Brady. Yup, virtually identical in regards to passer rating, yet he also seems to be a goat. That goat being the scapegoat for the Boys’ struggles for seasons. Even though the real person to blame was obviously Jerry Jones and his inability to provide even a decent defense for him. Nonetheless, Tony can ball and at a high level.

Secondly, his contract is just far too big. Romo is set to make 19.5 million next year and that is just absurd for a backup quarterback. Especially when the starter is making just over $635,000. His contract also made it near impossible for him to be traded for those of you wondering why they didn’t. I’m sure Jerry tried, but he simply had no leverage. Other teams know Dak is their guy and that they had to release him, so why give anything up? Just wait it out and sign him for a discount once the time goes. That’s exactly what teams like the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans did.

Many people think Denver is the perfect situation for the veteran quarterback, as did I at first. Great defense, talented receivers, and the run game would have been better if not for CJ Anderson’s injury. Trevor Siemian got a lot of the blame, but he really shouldn’t have. The problem in Denver is their horrific offensive line. This is my problem with Romo to Denver. It’s no secret Romo has the durability of an iPhone 4 glass screen. So in theory, it seems like a perfect fit, but damn he got hurt in Dallas with that line?! He’ll be fresh meat for Khalil Mack and the rest of the pass rushers in the league. He would make it as far as Andrew Bogut did the other day. 58 seconds. If they improve their line big time, sure I like it, but no thanks until then.

The other destination I am a much bigger fan of and that’s the cross-state opponent the Houston Texans. Somehow the Texans went 9-7 and won their division with Brock Osweiler at the helm. God bless Houston. Incredible in itself they made the playoffs with that 6ft 7in liability leading the pack. So, the Texans clearly have a lot of positives, including the number one ranked defense without defensive player of the year J.J Watt. Scary how good that d could be with him. Then they have a top five caliber receiver in DeAndre Hopkins and a young talented one in Will Fuller, who showed a ton of promise during his rookie campaign. Not to mention a solid offensive line and Lamar Miller, a very solid running back. The pieces are all there in Houston, aside from quarterback, Tony Romo is the answer.

I firmly believe that if the Houston Texans can keep Romo upright in the pocket the sky is the limit. Or as Michael Jordan says “the ceiling is the roof”, sorry I had to. Quick snail. But seriously if they add him and keep him healthy they can be the team to dethrone the New England Patriots. Not to mention Houston is only four hours away and he can stay in Texas. It’s a no-brainer for me. Houston, we have a problem, and it’s Brock Osweiler. Cut him, bite the bullet and eat his guaranteed money, then sign Tony Romo and beat The New England Patriots.

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