Chris Christie Gets Right In A Fan’s Face For Heckling Him At Cubs Brewers Game

Don't EVER interrupt Chris Christie on his way to eat his Nachos!

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Is Chris Christie even a Governor anymore? I know he had the worst approval rating of anyone almost ever and I know he just pulled that shady shit with the beaches a few weeks ago. But every time I see this helium filled pouch of human flesh he’s doing everything except being a politician. He’s at sporting events, he’s at the beach, he’s testing the strength of the chairs over at the local sports radio station. All things that don’t involve being the Governor. Why is he at a Brewers Cubs game? What could he possibly be doing there? There’s probably some obvious event in the area I should know about, that people will pretend is important, but it’s not.

I think I’ve found the absolutely perfect comparison to Chris Christie. He’s White Goodman post Championship game loss. The “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” White Goodman. Think about it, Though Christie never was in any type of physical shape that could even be qualified as “mediocre” both him and White once were in great positions and had fallen from grace. They were at a time respected, but both no longer. They both had seen their reign of terror wind down and burn out. They both lost all faith in their futures – physically, mentally and professionally. Most importantly they both clearly find comfort in food. Lots of food.

Christie hears it from all angles these days. He’s officially entered “I don’t give a fuck mode.” He’s a lame duck Governor that has about as much chance of winning another election as the Nets do of winning an NBA championship next season. All he’s trying to do is sit down and stuff his face with Nachos. It’s the one thing he has left in his life. His one enjoyment. He’s throwing up his hands (barely above his waist), officially waving his white flag and all he asks is not to be disturbed while eating his Nachos. This video should be a PSA to America’s youth about hitting rock bottom. The only issue is, Christie is so fat he somehow keeps hitting rock bottom and bouncing right back up.

For real though, tell me I’m wrong…

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