Guy Kicked Out Of James Dolan Band’s Show For Screaming “You Have A Terrible Voice”


I have no clue how it took me over a month to discover this video. If there are three people I hate in this world, it’s LeBron James, Lena Dunham, and James Dolan. As insufferable as those first two people are, James Dolan wins that contest and it’s not close. For those who aren’t really up to speed on this ongoing disaster. Trust fund baby and known useless man James Dolan decided having a multi billion dollar media company and a multi billion dollar NBA team was quite fulfilling enough. So he started a band. Cause I guess that’s what poor lonely rich kids do when they’re bored? “JD and The Straight Shot”, Yup, that’s the name…

Now I’m not even going to hate on the guy for having the money to do something and following a passion. But if you’re gonna buy your way into an industry you better be damn good. If you’re not gonna be really good, then you FOR SURE have to be better than someone listening to your music in a private and tasteful, sophisticated setting and thinking it was so bad they freak out to the level of being carried out of the bar…still screaming. This was so incredibly bad. The first run through I didn’t even believe this. This would be a really well-done scene of this actually happening if I saw this in a movie. And it actually happened.

James Dolan looks like Chuck Mangione’s talentless drunken fat brother. He’s awkward on stage. He looks like he’s not supposed to be there. It’s all so forced with James Dolan. He’s on the stage via his name. And people are screaming for him to get off it because of his talents. The pain of the look on his face is priceless. Actually priceless. I’ve felt that same pain, Jimmy. It’s the pain I’ve lived through as 25 years a Knicks fan. 19 of those under your watch. The pain of knowing you’ve done everything you could. Put all of your time and energy into hoping and wishing and dreaming something would work out, that it would all be ok. And it wasn’t. It fucking was not ok, was it Jimmy D? How does it feel? Soak it all in!

And my dear god, can someone please send us this guys name and address so we as New Yorkers can band together and raise money for a cause that’s actually worthy of our time. Raise enough money so the guy who told James Dolan “You have a terrible voice” never has to buy another drink in this city ever again.


P.S. This is a real music video from JD and the Straight Shot:

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