LeBron James Storms The Court During His Son’s AAU Game

Of course, he fucking did. LeBron couldn’t be more LeBron here. Referencing my last article about LaVar Ball and all the terrible people at AAU tournaments, this is exactly what I’m talking about, except it’s LeBron James. It’s always about old Bronny. Just walking through life, doing whatever he wants, caring about no rules, no decency, and no respect. LeBron cares about LeBron. He probably didn’t even do this to actually get the score fixed. He probably did this knowing for a fact it would end up all over the internet and he would come off as a great dad and family man who cares! You know, it hasn’t been the best week for LeBron’s reputation and image. Who the fuck does this?! Like honestly? Asshole parents, that’s who? That’s exactly what LeBron is, he’s just another asshole AAU dad, he’s just a little more famous than Harry the plumber whose kid is also on the team. Harry the plumber would get thrown the fuck out and arrested if he pulled this shit.

You already stuck your kid with your bum ass name that he’s gotta run through life in the least pleasant shadow ever, another great parenting move. You think he really wants you storming the court to tell the dudes who are getting $15 for the day to run the scoreboard that your team is actually up 37, not 36?

There are two scenarios this situation breaks down to, plain and simple. First, Lebron did this for the show, knowing it would get exposure and just had to be in front of the cameras. Just couldn’t go out in public without coming away with a marketable social media moment. Another painfully obvious calculated move from LeBron.

The second option is somehow shockingly worse. The second option is LeBron actually cared about this, stormed the court during a 12-year-old’s AAU game and made a scene and he is truly an asshole AAU dad.

Whichever one it is, it’s the continuation of a bad week for LeBron’s image. The unfortunate thing is, there are people in this world who will applaud this. Those people are no less terrible than every shitty AAU or little league Dad out there who makes a scene at games, or LeBron James. Either definition works, as we just saw in the video, the two are one in the same.

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