Kyrie Irving Showed Lebron James The 2017 Ultimate Sign Of Disrespect

Anytime LeBron James name is in the news, it’s always going to be a headline grabber. Add in warranted controversy, and it gets amplified. Make it a situation where Lebron comes off looking bad and that dude will do everything in his power to change and control the narrative.

This whole situation with Kyrie Irving has checked all the boxes. Reports on reports have come out about the animosity between the two over the last week since it was discovered Irving requested a trade. LeBron obviously came out on Twitter to comment and let everyone know the reports were super untrue and he was not happy about what was being said. He also said he’s enjoying his summer and we should all do the same. See the hypocrisy below:

Now we know a few things after this tweet. First that LeBron is absolutely NOT enjoying his summer. We also learned that one person is lying and that person is not Steven A Smith, who reported initially about LeBron’s desire to “beat Kyrie’s ass.” With the way LeBron works, every move is calculated, everything he does and says has a purpose and meaning. It’s part of the reason he’s so god damn loathsome of a person. That being said, nothing about this whole thing being planned can be ruled out. Until today. Irving committed the ultimate act of separating yourself from someone in modern society. He officially unfollowed LeBronon Instagram.

It doesn’t get much worse than that these days folks. Its the kiss of death on any friendship or relationship. You might as well put a bullet in the guys back or throw him into a wildebeest shit storm like Scar on Mufasa. The ultimate sign of disrespect today. Not sure if you can send a message stronger than that. To quote the mediocre yet well known former paralyzed actor and now rapper Drake, “Trigger fingers turned to Twitter fingers.”

If there were any reservations about Kyrie Irving wanting to leave, those are all over. There’s no coming back from this. Luckily Kyrie isn’t planning on stopping and took to Snapchat to throw some additional subliminal shots at old Bronny. Either that or Kyrie knows he’s getting traded to the Knicks already and is just prematurely excited to be returning home to play for the team he grew up cheering for. I’m praying for number two, but its the Knicks, so it’s definitely not number two. I’ll settle for a LeBron troll as a consolation prize any day though. That’s a good day in my book.

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