ESPN’s Booger McFarland’s Hands Look Like They’ve Been Glued Back Together By a Toddler

Playing in the NFL can leave you with some gruesome injuries. Especially at a position like ESPN’s Monday Night Football sideline guy, Booger McFarland played. Some of those injuries occasionally can last a lifetime. Unfortunately for McFarland, his hands fall into that category.

As if concussions weren’t deterring parents enough from preventing their kids from playing football these days, you’ve got Booger out here showcasing his Frankenstein hands that don’t have any two fingers pointing in the same direction. I’m not even sure how his hands still work like that? How does he close them? Making a fist for him must be like trying to a jigsaw puzzle back together.

Not really sure how Booger is fitting into his new gig on MNF. The only thing that seems more out of whack is this mans hands. I guess that’s the going rate for winning a super bowl these days though.

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