Donald Trump Going 1 On 1 With Barack Obama In NBA 2K Might Be The Internet’s Best Creation

There isn’t much to say here other that BRAVO to whoever put this together. There have been some great iterations of these custom 2K highlight reels in the last year or so, but this one wins it. By a mile. From Trump’s hair falling off to the remix of Drake’s Back to Back playing in the background, this is an A+ video. They got great detail on both their likenesses, great set of highlight moves and loved the transitions between retro jerseys throughout.

This would be so amazing to happen in real life, but I think it might even be less competitive. Barry be hoopin. Trump makes up his own golf rules. I said golf because I’m pretty sure that’s Trump’s only sport he can still play. Meanwhile, Obama been running an underground pickup league at the White House for 8 years.

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