End The Night With Buddy Heild Grabbing DeMarcus Cousins’ Junk

I think the video speaks for itself..


Buddy, Buddy, Buddy. What in the name of God are you doing? Just openly grabbing Cousins junk in broad day light like nobody was going to see. Not cool man, not cool. Nobody likes to see that. Always been a big Buddy fan, but this HAS to be on shaqtin a fool if I’ve ever seen it. A Flagrant 2 was called and he was sent to the showers, HUGE L for Buddy tonight. His hand was caught in the cookie jar, and he just smiles and walks off because he knows he fucked up like a little kid. Then the greatest part of it all is Pelicans Coach Alvin Gentry absolutely losing his mind almost Travis Kelce like post Chiefs Steelers. Like did you not see the replay bruh? You clearly did, the whole stadium watched it together. Took the refs about fifteen seconds, and fifteen seconds too long in itself. I think Gentry is a good coach too, like the guy, but come ‘on man. You’re better than that. Let’s not act like we have the vision of Hellen Keller and display the arrogance of Al Sharpton.

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