End The Night With The Undertaker’s “Last Ride” Out Of WrestleMania

Could this be the final for real end to the Undertaker? It sure seems like a possibility. If it is indeed then end, then a million times over, thank you, Taker. You’ve been a legend for decades, never going out of style and never losing the admiration and respect of your fans. A tough thing to do is a business where you essentially hold zero control over your actions and the outcomes of those actions.

For keeping Kid Rock’s “American Bad-Ass” relevant a few years longer than it should have, thank you, Taker. For making Undertaker sound like a tolerable profession, thank you, Taker. From “The Record”, to jumping off 30-ft steel cages, to the¬†chokeslams, to the “Tombstones” and for the “Last Ride”, thank you, Taker.

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