ESPN’s Stanford Steve Hits The Streets In San Fran To Test Warriors Fans Knowledge, Surprise, They Don’t Know Shit

I could literally sit back and watch this shit for days on end. It’s priceless. I take great joy in the misfortune of the ones I hate. Hate is the floor for how I feel about fans like this. There is literally nothing worse than an overzealous unknowledgeable fair-weather sports fan. Me, I’m a Knicks fan. I have reserved a permanent right to call out anyone on being a fair weather fan. I haven’t missed a day in my fanship though the good and the bad and holy shit has there been a lot of bad in my 27 years.

This video pretty much confirms everything we already knew, Warriors fans are the worstttttttt. You don’t know ANYONE from Run TMC?! Not a single person from the most famous roster in your favorite team’s history. It’s downright pathetic. You should have to be able to list that entire roster just to be able legally to enter Oracle Arena.

The look on their faces is both disgusting and priceless at the same time. Disgusting because they don’t deserve the right to rep that team, they don’t deserve to root for a winner. It’s priceless because there is nothing more enjoyable than watching a fair-weather fan squirm after being found out how fake they are. It will never get old, it will never not be enjoyable. The problem is when the team starts to suck these fans don’t care because they were never real fans in the first place.

Last but not least, shout out to that kid at the end. He knew what was good, didn’t make any excuses for being asked about a team that was assembled 20 years before he popped out into the world. He knows his shit because he’s a good goddam fan. Who knew a town filled with genius billionaires should strive to know as much as a ten-year-old.


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