Floyd Mayweather Claims Paulie Malignaggi Was Planted By Him In McGregor’s Camp


What a turn of events. And of course, we find out right before the fight. Paulie Malignaggi as you may remember is the guy who was originally brought into Conner McGregor’s camp to help him train as a boxer. Malignaggi, an accomplished boxer himself, was sent by Showtime to help Mcgregor prepare as a boxer. That was until McGregor started trash talking him and released a photo of Malignaggi on the ground in the ring with him, to insinuate he had knocked him out.

This, of course, set off Malignaggi, since it was indeed found out it was not any sort of legitimate knockdown by McGregor. So Malignaggi has been on a fuck McGregor world tour for the past couple of weeks. And like I said before Malignaggi is far from some random Gym rat or slouch. He’s not some has been or never was. He holds legitimate clout within the boxing community.

I don’t think Floyd Mayweather actually orchestrated it all himself, but surely possible it was done by his camp and they just simply told Floyd after it had already been locked up and put in motion. It’s surely plausible that way, they both “work” for Showtime, do have a relationship and clearly spend time within the same circles. Regardless of how it happened, Paulie is part of TMT now and Floyd is in the head of McGregor. Having your former sparring partner leaking everything to your opponent isn’t great. When your opponent is the most technically gifted, fundamentally sound, elusive and precise fighter on earth, its really really not great.

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