Manu Ginobli’s Post Game Press Conference Answer Gives Us All A Peek At True Happiness

Good for you Manu. If anyone deserves this, it’s Manu. The guy has been a symbol of greatness, respect, and humility from the day he entered the league, all the way through the answering of that question. All jokes aside I think Manu has literally found complete happiness. He nails it right on the head with his answer. No matter what he does it will be an amazing life to live.

He can either do what he loves for another year, the sport that made him and provided him with the amazing life and experiences he’s had. He can continue to pursue and fulfill his dreams and passion. The other option? Pretty much be rich and do whatever you want with the people you love. Travel the world and build a new life after your profession, filled with amazing experiences.

Maybe I’m crazy but isnt that to a T exactly what everyone on this planet strives for? To be that blessed and that happy? That’s sure as hell what I’m working for. The chance to live my professional life doing what I love and the opportunity to have a long healthy and fruitful retirement with the ones I love. They say nothing is perfect, but that sounds pretty damn perfect to me. I can’t think of a more deserving man than Manu Ginobli.

If this is the end, cheers Manu, it was one hell of a ride. Even watching from the Bleachers.

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