Penn State Elects Jay Paterno To Board Of Trustee’s, Reconfirming The School Fully Supports Pedophilia

Jay Paterno, the son of late football coach Joe Paterno, was elected to Penn State’s Board of Trustees on Friday. It was a move that showed, unequivocally, that the university clearly does not care what the public thinks about its history.

Paterno was the top vote-getter in the election, despite the fact that he sued the school several years ago. That lawsuit blamed Penn State for the fact that he wasn’t able to get another assist coaching job after departing the Nittany Lions. Paterno and his family also joined Penn State in a lawsuit against the NCAA. So his relationship with the school has been odd, to say the least.
Paterno was an assistant coach at Penn State under his father from 1995 to 2011 after playing quarterback for the Nittany Lions 1986 through 1990.At best Paterno’s father ignored blatant warning signs as far as the Jerry Sandusky scandal goes and at worst he enabled the man and actively covered for him. We’ll never know the exact details, but the fact that Penn State is willing to put Paterno’s son on its Board of Trustees is, frankly, shocking. – H/T The Big Lead

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I’ve said this one million times and ill say it one million times more before I die. FUCK PENN STATE. FUCK you if you still support the school, I don’t give two shits if you went there or when you went there. FUCK anyone who thinks Joe Paterno isn’t equally as big a piece of shit as Jerry Sandusky and FUCK you if you disagree with me or any part of my stance on this. If you do, you support Pedophiles. Plain and simple. The fact that I even have to say this and that these people exist (and they fucking exist) is an indefensible embarrassment on every level.
Aside from everything, just looking only at Jay Paterno. The guy is such a fucking loser. Like in every way. He couldn’t get any type of decent job without his pedophile protecting father. Still hasnt. Which is why he probably needs this. Like seriously Penn State, of all people, this doofus? He brings absolutely zero redeeming qualities as a man himself. Oh, yeah then there’s the whole child rape thing his Dad helped make possible. Sounds like the perfect candidate for the pathetic cult that is Happy Valley
Joe Paterno, if still alive, would be in jail for the rest of his life today. You think Paterno dying the day after all that info came out was a mistake? Yea fucking right. Joe Pa saw the writing on the wall, sat down and took 40 fucking tylenol and went to sleep permanently. Yes I am saying Joe Paterno committed suicide because he knew he was the reason the child raping happened under his watch. And continued under his watch. #Staywoke.
Do I have proof? Yeah, it’s called my brain being able to add 2+2. He knew the ENTIRE TIME and put football first. I cannot understate how much of a scumbag Joe Paterno is. It infuriates me that he still has support and that people are so fucking stupid they don’t even realize how responsible Paterno was. Aside from Sandusky, there literally isn’t someone more responsible for those kids being raped than Joe Paterno. Wherever he is, I hope he’s rotting away in terrible pain. I hope his name is tarnished forever and future generations will remember Joe Paterno for nothing to do with football and everything to do with being the protector and aid to a child rapist.
As for the school, how can you live with yourselves? How could you possibly be this stupid? How the fuck is this guy even allowed on campus let alone on the fucking BOARD OF TRUSTEES!!! He literally sued the school a few years ago. Now he’s on the board? how thew fuck does this guy, who has more hurdles than anyone to jump over for this job get easily elected. He was the highest vote getter. Like, fucking WHAT?! I don’t even know how to respond to this and clearly, neither does Penn State.
This move proves the school really never did give a fuck about the victims. They only ever cared about the health of the football program. They clearly don’t even care about PR anymore. Not a single person is doing anything but slamming this move. With great reason. Top to bottom this move makes no sense.
You want my honest opinion on Penn State as a school right now? They should shut the whole fucking thing down. Close it up for good. Either that or fire every single person above professor level. They clearly haven’t weeded out the problems, years later. They still continue to support the Paterno family and they continue to support child rapists. Show me a single shred of evidence that says otherwise? No seriously, DM us @Bleacher_fan on Twitter or comment below. I’ll await my empty inbox since that info doesn’t exist. Anywhere.
If people learn anything from this, I hope its the truth. Penn State, everyone running it and everyone supporting it, has proven once again they are in full support of Pedophiles.
One more for good measure, as if I didn’t already set a Bleacher Fan record for curse words in this blog, but…. FUCK PENN STATE.
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