Relive Old Time Hockey With Rangers-Devils Game

Last night’s Rangers Devils game had just about everything: goals, hits, fights and one hell of a 3V3 OT. The Hudson River Rivalry is back and better than ever. It’s very rare in today’s game that you find franchises that genuinely do not like each other. Players are always on the move, never play each other enough to really build up some animosity. Throw all of that out the window with these two.

Last night we saw the last place team in the east stand up to a very good Rangers team. The game was a tight one as the second period was winding down. With about 4 minutes to play the action started to pick up with three goals being scored in a span of about 3 minutes followed by a line brawl in the last 17 seconds.

Miles Wood going after Nick Holden

Yeah, that hit was a little dirty, it happens. This fight wasn’t one of those “hey let’s give the fans a little something here” this was pure hate. Miles Wood was throwing BOMBS at Holden and that sparked the other two fights to happen. It’s really a special thing when you get this high energy on both sides to eventually explode into something like this. What a treat for the fans, that and the fact that they got some extra hockey with almost a full 5 minute OT. Miles Wood is an absolute savage and if he’s on your team you love him. The 21-year-old kid is playing in his first full NHL season and is not scared of anyone. Already 6 fights under his belt, Wood has the ability to sway momentum any way he wants by the drop of a glove.

Fight Night in Newark NJ

Hell even Jimmy Vesey, the Boston boy wonder who was the apple of every team’s eye this past offseason dropped the gloves and got down and dirty. Jimmy Vesey!

Don’t worry either, hopefully, we will get another taste of some old time, high energy, hate-fueled hockey tonight as the Rangers host the Islanders at the garden at 8 PM. Can somebody say rivalry night?

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