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Sam Darnold Would Rather Play Football For Free Instead Of Getting Drafted By The Browns

What a week for the Browns. I mean it’s really what 50 years for the Browns, but this week was not one to remember. First, they forget that Jimmy Garoppolo exists and their front office goes home at 5 pm the day before the trade deadline. Next, they forget to send in their paperwork to complete the AJ McCarron trade. Then spin zone maybe their front office did it on purpose to undermine the coaching staff. Another sign of the Browns continuous dysfunction.

The Browns have backstabbing Survivor like alliances within their own offices. The people running their team are doing what people on a reality game show do. And when you think about it, that’s all the Browns have really ever proven to be. A sports version of Survivor, Big Brother or Real World. A group of strangers every season that you know are going to do dumb shit, expect them to do dumb shit, painfully watch them continuously do dumb shit, yet cannot seem to turn away.

Now Sam Darnold, one of the nations top college QB’s is saying he basically won’t enter the draft if the Browns have the first pick. I got a few things here. First, ballsy move by Darnold to just proclaim himself in the conversation for the number one pick. As if it’s already been decided. This is 3 months ago Sam. You’ve played some games, things have changed. Chosen Rosen and Saquan Barkey have hop skipped and jumped right over you. Second, is this really that shocking? That a QB doesn’t want to go to Cleveland? Walk the plank to his impending death? Basically, guarantee his career will see zero success? Yea that all sounds fucking great. Such an enticing situation for a 21-year-old to come into being the centerpiece of a billion-dollar business.

I also think that every QB ever has thought about this. Everyone knew Johnny Maziel was super pissed to get drafted to the Browns. You’d be naive to think otherwise. Johnny Football would probably be dominating the NFL, living his awesome best life, but he got drafted by the Browns. Johnny Football died that day. Texas A&M Johnny Manziel had Direct TV, Cleveland Brown Johnny Manziel has Cable, don’t get cable and become Cleveland Browns Johnny Manziel. No, Sam Darnold, you get yourself Direct TV that comes with NFL Sunday ticket, so you can watch some other poor saps lose their careers in Cleveland like Johnny Football. You stay as the starting QB at USC and go wild. Matt Leinart did it, he ended up banging Paris Hilton as a senior in college. Banging Paris Hilton or playing QB for the Cleveland Browns? Do I really even have to ask?

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