The Evil Empire Is Back Up And Running In The Bronx

Baseball season is roughly 30 games in. There have been many surprises such as the Giants being 10 games below 500, Mets underachieving, and the Rockies getting off to an insane start. But the biggest surprise has to be the New York Yankees being an American league-best 20-9. The Yankees were excepted to win at most 85 games this season. This year was supposed to be considered a “rebuilding year” for the Yankees but the first 29 games would say otherwise.

Aaron Judge is playing out of his mind leading the AL in home runs and developing much faster than people excepted. Matt Holiday who was supposed to just be a veteran leader is playing like he did earlier in his career. Their suspect pitching staff isn’t pitching so suspect so far. Luis Severino is pitching how the Yankees always dreamed of and CC is pitching like it’s 2009 again and how can I forget about Castro who is leading the majors in batting average. Many people have asked the question how is all of this playing in the Yankees favor? I think it’s a pretty simple answer. These veterans were supposed to teach these young guys which they are doing. But it seems that these young guys like Judge, Sanchez, and Severino have motivated these old guys and provided them with a spark.

Also unlike other years, the Yankees don’t have many expectations this year. No one on their team really has that much pressure on them. They were excepted at most to compete for the one game playoff. Will the Yankees have the best record in American League in the dog days of the summer? I hope so but probably not. Aaron Judge will be a future all-star, potentially an MVP. But let’s not be stupid he will hit a rough patch he is still very young. He is on pace for 70 home runs and that will not happen. I can see like 35 to 37.

Matt Holiday will probably get hurt and I think Severino will go through a rough patch again. I do see him becoming a solid number two but we will see more of that in the next year or two. Maybe not this year but the Yankees will be a nightmare for teams in years to come. Sanchez and Judge will make an amazing combo along with Clint Frazier and Torres. Frazier and Torres are likely to be in the Majors by August. If they can keep  Dellin Betances the Yankees will have the best eight nine combos in baseball. Besides for last night, Chapman and Betances have been basically untouchable.

Yes, the young guys the Yankees have alone won’t win them multiple championships. But they are considered the evil empire. They will be able to get free agents to fill the holes. They are going to need one to two more starters, a 7th inning bullpen guy, possibly another outfielder and either a second basemen or third basemen depending on where Torres will play in the future. They will be able to fill these holes because who doesn’t want to get paid and play for the New York Yankees.

I know Bryce Harper would. I know Mike Trout would and possibly Manny Machado. If these young guys continue to pan out the Yankees will get back to where they were in the late 90’s. That’s the key for the Yankees. Yes, enjoy the moment fans Yankees are 20-9 but don’t pay too much attention to Holiday, Castro, or Hicks. Fans should pay more attention to Judge, Sanchez, Severino, and Frazier when he comes up. This is our future. These will be the core pieces. This 20-9 start should get people more excited for next year or two years, not this October because the Yankees aren’t the best team in the American League yet.

But I will notcompletely write off the Yankees this year. I am just stating the facts. But I will say this if the Holiday stays 100 percent for most of the year, if CC continues to ride the ship for the pitching along with Severino, their bullpen continues to be lights out, and Judge and Sanchez continue to play like studs maybe the Yankees could become more serious this year. I say this because like I mentioned Frazier and Torres will be coming up this year and they are supposed just as good or better than Sanchez and Judge. To all Yankee fans and to everyone else who hates the Yankees the Yankees won’t be a serious threat this year. But everyone should be put on notice the Yankees and the evil empire are back and won’t be going away anytime soon. Enjoy what they are doing now because it is only going to get better.


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