Finally, The Rebirth Of The Yankees Red Sox Rivalry

It is pretty safe to say that the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have one of the best rivalries in sports. This rivalry was at its peek in the mid 2000’s when they played in the ALCS in back to back years which were both insane series and both went seven games. Both Pennants were considered the best of all time.

In 2003 the Yankees were down 6-0 in game 7 and managed to come back and beat Boston on an Aaron Boone walk off homer. Then in the following year the Red Sox’s came back from 3-0 series deficit to beat the Yankees which was the first time and only time that only happened in baseball history. The Red Sox’s went on the win the World Series that year and finally reverse the curse.

But since then this amazing rivalry has been dead. The reason is simple both teams haven’t been good at the same time since. Also the key players in rivalry have came and gone such as Rodger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Mariano Rivera, and Derek Jeter. All of these players are now retired.

But I think this rivalry is slowly coming back and its probably because both teams are showing signs of being good this year and for years to come. The Red Sox will most likely be better this year because they have more players ready to win now but the Yankees are holding their own getting off to a major league best 21-9 start. Both teams have players that are stars or are going to be stars in the future. The Red Sox’s have Bogarts, Betts, Bradley, Sale, Porcello, and Price. The Yankees have Severino, Betances, Chapman, Judge, Sanchez, Torres, and Frazier. If everything goes right the Yankees might be able someone like Harper and I am sure the Red Sox’s will counter will another big star.

These players will light the fire for this rivalry again. Both teams will be competing for the American League title for years to come. Even if you aren’t a Boston or New York fan everyone should be rooting for this because when the Yankees and Red Sox’s are good baseball is more fun to watch.

People might ask if there will be brawls between them again? I am sure something will start brewing again that is just the competitive nature of sports. Everyone be patient the rivalry will be back.

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