This Cavs Fan Wearing A Burnt LeBron Jersey is Peak Pathetic Cleveland

It doesn’t get any more pathetic than this. It seriously doesn’t. There are homeless guys living in sewers less pathetic than this guy. Everyone remembers back in 2010 when LeBron left for the sand and sunshine ridden Miami. Leaving his hometown of Cleveland, their basketball team, and fanbase in complete ruins. They were devastated like no fanbase has ever been devastated before. For like 1/10 of a second, you almost felt bad for the citizens of Cleveland, a city so fittingly dubbed “America’s mistake by the lake.” There were countless videos of people burning Lebron jerseys, which I’ll never understand.

Then 2014 came.

Lebron became a free agent and the rumors of a return started swirling. That is when Cleveland showed its true colors as the most pathetic city of sports fans in the nation, and this guy could be the god damn mascot.

Poor little pathetic Cleveland Cavalier fans, having zero success and no signs of hope, shoved their tails between their legs and quivered and bowed down to Lebron, begging him to come back. The girl that went out and fucked your best friend and bragged about it in your face for four years, you welcomed him back Cleveland. You got down on both knees and opened your mouths, all for the most immoral player in the NBA. All to try and win a title for your pathetic fanbase that hasn’t seen a morsel of success in any sport for 50 plus years.

Yes, you succeeded, you got ONE. But I wouldn’t trade 10 titles if it meant being as hopeless and pathetic as this guy wearing a burned LeBron jersey and I’m a fucking Knicks fan. So don’t come at me about pride and loyalty. I know what that is, we practice it better than any place in the world here in New York.

I thought Cleveland was a prideful hard working blue color city? HA! Yeah… right. This guy right here represents everything that is awful about Cleveland fans. He is terrible in a nutshell. Doesn’t even have the money to buy a new jersey, the jersey that he himself burned, which again ill never understand. The worst part is, there’s hundreds of thousands more where he came from. Everyone at the Q cheering for Lebron night in and night out, you are this man. You might not be wearing a burned jersey, but you are this man just as much as he is. So he’s forced like the rest of the city to put his balls on a platter and wear the perfect metaphor in jersey form, forever being a sign of just how pathetic the Cleveland Cavaliers fanbase is.


PS. Here are some of my personal favorites.

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