Travis Kelce Has Postgame Tirade Over Refs, Clearly Hasn’t Seen The Replay

In case you guys missed it, the Kansas City Chiefs converted on a 2-point conversion yesterday in the waning minutes which would have tied the game, one minor issue, it was called back for holding. Here’s the play in question, Fast Forward to 24 seconds for thew 2 point conversion:

And now here’s Kelce’s reaction:


Let’s get one thing out of the way first, I’m never gonna be a huge “complain about then refs after the game” guy. Outside of a handful of historically terrible instances, the player/coach/GM/owner/fan always comes off looking infantile and petty. If however, you have decided to go down that path, you must do it right and go all out, you have to throw out some quick wit or a funny and memorable comment or this type of tirade will always fall on deaf ears. Kelsey does indeed accomplish this. “He shouldn’t be allowed to wear a zebra shirt again, not even at Foot Locker” Can I get a JEEEEEEZE?!

Now that’s out of the way….ARE YOU BLIND?! That was such a textbook holding call that I will be shocked if that play at some point in the near future doesn’t find its way into the NFL referees annual “perfect examples of holding” tutorial video. Now I understand the whole “holding happens on every play, why call it then?” argument. I understand it, as in I speak English and comprehend the words actually being spoken. In terms of it being a worthy argument, yea no, 0% chance. This wasn’t some holding call or block in the back 30 yards away on the other side of the field. This hold prevented Alex Smith from quite literally being eaten alive by James Harrison. The same James Harrison, who 2 hours after landing home at 4 AM following this game, was in the Steelers facility working out at 6 AM. See proof here.

So yes that was a blatant hold, the Chiefs rightfully lost in an unfortunate way, the fault of no one but their own. If you don’t want the refs to “take the game out of your hands” then play within the rules and there won’t be an issue. 

But in the end, who really cares about anything Travis Kelce has to say, pretty much lose all credibility when you have your own reality love show on E!



P.S. Why you gotta come at Foot Locker guys like that? Day in and day out they strive to put comfort and style on the feet of millions, you can’t even get that many people to watch you when you’re being broadcast into our living rooms.



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