Twitter Goes Nuts Over The Kyrie Irving Trade, Here’s A Collection Of The Best Responses

So Robin finally got traded. The sidekick will now be the best player on the best team in the eastern conference. Kyrie Irving’s trade which went from non-existent to a done deal in what felt like ten minutes. It was actually about an hour and a half but pretty much the same thing. This, of course, set the Twitter world on fire and prompted some incredible responses, as only twitter knows how. Here are my personal favorites,


ESPN bringing back a relevant clip from one of the best Sportscenter commercials ever.


Bleacher Report with a fitting Talladega Nights edit.


If there was ever a caption contest for this picture, well, we have a winner.


JR saying JR things. Most easily predicted quote of 2017.


SNAIL’d ’em.


The flat Earth jokes need to continue for eternity.


Melo sitting in NYC in his hoodie like…


Is this picture entirely inaccurate? Probably not.


Dumb and Dumber, never disappoints.


Danny seems more like a chardonnay guy.


Yea, this also happened…


The curse is real…


One last flat earth joke, cause that type of idiocy might get a pass in Cleveland, but sure won’t in Boston.


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