Watch Darren Rovell Get His Ankles Broken by Hot Sauce at the Atlanta Hawks Game

Ummm, what the hell was that Rovell? You serious with that shit? That defense looked like a cat trying to chase a laser pointer on the wall.

Darren Rovell came out hot in that interview. talking a big game and dressed to the nines. You would have thought he could put up a decent performance. That he would look like he had at least stepped foot on a basketball court before. Or seemed like he had any type of normal human motor functions.

But nope, swing and a miss on all fronts. Not one of them came to fruition. It was arguably the worst attempt at defense I’ve ever seen mustered. Hot Sauce is probably the number one legend of handles and a top 5 streetballer of all time, this wasn’t some dog and pony act. When you step in front of Hot Sizzle you better not play a form of defense that makes you look like a chimpanzee that just got hit with pepper spray.

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