Watch This Atlanta Hawks Fan Hit a Very Unconventional Half Court Shot for $10,000


I can’t decide between this being awesome or hating every bit of this. On the one hand, it’s your everyday average dude knocking down the shot of a lifetime to win some cold hard cash, which will then be taxed like 6 times and he’ll probably see less than half of it. Cool nevertheless. You love to see the little guy underdog pull off the impossible. The other side of me hates that this went in. Just so ugly and so undeserving. This is like the guy who can barely break 100 in golf but somehow gets a hole in one. That especially infuriates me because I’m a scratch golfer who has never had a hole in one.

There’s a reason every time you’re at a game these shots are always “randomly selected” to be taken by the least athletic and likely person to make the shot. Like I’m supposed to believe every fat guy, 60-year-old woman and nerdy guy with bifocals is being selected at random at 100% of NBA games? Of course not, they know what they’re doing. They know the person they absolutely hand picked has absolutely no shot at making it, that’s why they got picked.

Nowadays its a win-win for them. If they miss the shot, which they do 99% of the time, they don’t lose anything and get the promo money form whatever company is sponsoring this fiasco. But if they make it, then this incredibly unlikely winner will create a video just like this, that goes viral and gets shared and written about all over the internet on blogs like this. Touche Atlanta Hawks, going after the only currency that matters…eyeballs.

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