We Finally Have Our First Real Look at Madden 19

Yes, it’s that time of year. No not time for football just yet. Not even time for Maddenoliday (one of the nations greatest holidays, right there behind Christmas, Thanksgiving and July 4th) but the time of year where every other sport aside from baseball has finished its year and the football rumblings begin. We get to see those shiny new rookies in full contact pads at game speed. Albeit in digital form. The Madden release was always the unofficial pop culture start of the football year. I don’t get to play video games all that much anymore, but Madden is always a constant in my life. Mark me down for spending that $60 every year no matter what. Whether I play it once or ten hours a day, I’ll be there on Maddenoliday. The first trailer is always exciting. This year was no different and it didn’t disappoint. If you’re a Giants fan you will especially love it because if you were to watch this trailer and know nothing about the NFL, you would walk away knowing thinking Saquan Barkley and Eli Manning are the NFL’s top two players.

Goosebumps. August 7th can’t come soon enough. If there was ever a reason to want Summer to hurry up, its Madden and football.

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