Carlos Correa Proposes To His Girlfriend Mid-Interview After Winning The World Series


First of all, baseball is BACK! What a fucking series. Every game had something to appreciate and admire about it. Congratulations to Houston, the fans, the old guys like Beltran, McCann and Verlander and of course the core young guys who lead this team. One of them is Carlos Correa.

Normally I’m not about these halftime or in-game proposals. For the most part, they are played out and unoriginal. Not this one though. Not in this situation. And definitely not when the girl you’re proposing to is an absolute DIMEEEEEE. This is a power move and a power move only. He had it planned but only under his circumstances. Carlos Correa isn’t gonna let his first World Series win end with just your average forgettable interview. Nah, he wanted to make his permanent mark, as permanent as the engraving on the trophy.

Stopping Ken Rosenthal mid-interview after winning the World Series is savagery at it’s finest. The proposal was short, heartfelt, effective and according to her reaction, a very pleasant surprise. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl mentally drop her panties faster than that. Then again when you’re putting a ROCK like that on a girls finger after winning the World Series, getting a “no” simply isn’t a possibility. Honestly, if there was even a hesitation from her in that situation, that might cause me to reconsider it all together. Carlos Correa, World Series Champion, Fiancé, SAVAGE. Three things you can never take away from him.

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