Thousands Of Houston Astros Fans Pull Off Incredible Teamwork To Return A Woman’s Hat

What a city Houston has proven to be. If there was any silver lining to the devastation Houston experienced during Hurricane Harvey, it was they were able to remind the rest of the nation what people helping people looks like. At a time when the nation needs it the most.

During the parade a woman dropped her hat from one of the top floors of what I guess is maybe a parking garage? Outside of a creepy abandoned office building, I can’t imagine what else that structure could be. It looks like a Spring Break hotel filled with drunk college kids, except it’s not in Daytona, PCB or Fort Lauderdale or Cancun. They sure do react like a pack of drunk college kids. When a group of sports fans come together in these weird hilarious offbeat moments, nothing tops it. They’re always so random and organic. Which is why they go viral. This is like doing the wave if the wave was actually cool and not the dumbest fucking thing in the world.

Every level they go up, you get excited. Are they gonna keep it going? Whos gonna drop the ball? No way that hat makes it all the way back to its owner. They start off great and you think “shit they might actually pull this off”, then heartbreak. The hat drops and you see your dreams falling to their death. Hate to be the guy that ruins that moment. A devastating “Wide right” moment. No coming back from that, ever. But OUTTA NOWHERE a white knight saves the day and snags it mid-air? What a roller coaster ride.

Finally, they actually pull it off and it was incredible. I love it for what they were able to pull off. I hate it for the woman. She didn’t deserve to get her hat back. She dropped it like an idiot. Didn’t your parents ever teach you not to lean over the edge? Either way, in no world should she have ever seen that hat again and that’s what she would have deserved.

P.S. All I could think about watching this was this video of the Irish guy giving a toast to all his boys. Same reaction. Cant not smile.

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