Following The Storm, Petco Park Looks Like It’s The Setting For “I Am Legend 2”


Ok, I know it barely ever rains in San Diego and I wouldn’t exactly qualify it as a concern for San Diegon’s, but what the fuck is going on here? Did we miss Katrina 2.0? As I’m sure you know, baseball fields are fairly large. There’s a lot of ground to cover. Which is why I’m so dumbfounded by this picture. This isn’t like an inch of water, judging by where the water comes up to on the wall, this is well over a foot of water. Do you realize how much it has to rain just to catch a foot of water in a bucket? Let alone a fucking baseball stadium?

The grounds crew claims the drainage system couldn’t keep up, thanks Sherlock. They had planned to put down new sod anyways, too bad they didn’t capitalize on all this natural watering. Could have bought the ground crew a few days on the beach.  I’m more concerned about this rainstorm we seemed to have completely missed. Is everyone in San Diego alright? This looks like they just took all the rain and filtered down into the stadium so the rest of the city wouldn’t have to be inconvenienced. Is Noah in town looking for a new place to store his Arc? Is the end near? All I hear about San Diego is 72 and Sunny every day, best weather in the country. Well, best weather in the country buys you the worst drainage system in the country, Shoutout to all the survivors, Petco will endure.

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