Giancarlo Stanton Had Plenty of Subtle Jabs for the Marlins in His Introductory Yankee Presser

That is NOT what you wanna hear about your team from your former best player. Especially when you know he’s an intelligent, rational, professional and from everyone’s account, honorable person. It’s not even like him and the Marlins ended in some crazy messy divorce that dragged out through the media for months. This wasn’t a Melo leaving the Knicks situation. Giancarlo Stanton wanted to move and the Marlins wanted to move him. But that was the new ownership. It’s important to note that Stanton is gearing these comments toward the former ownership group, not the one involving Derek Jeter.

The new ownership wanted to do a complete overhaul and rebuild, Stanton wasn’t trying to waste his entire prime for that. Understandably so. He had given the Marlins all the chance in the world to build a team around him. He could not have been a more perfect franchise cornerstone. The ownership group fucked that up by not being able to build around him.

Take a step back and think about that for a minute. Your team was run so poorly, that a guy you were paying over $300M wanted to leave, you also play in Miami, which is unarguably a top 5 city to be a pro athlete in. That is next level mismanagement. As a Marlin fan, you have to appreciate Giancarlo’s love and sympathy for you though. He had a chance to get out, they don’t. But they would if they could.

As a Yankee fan, I LOVE this. He’s ready for New York. He’s not gonna hold anything back. He’ll give the New York media every quote they want. He already has that killer instinct. He knows his old team just got screwed six ways to Sunday on the deal for him. He knows they’re hurting and he knows they’re in for a long, long road of misery. Does he care? NOPE. He throws on his Tims, North Face, the legendary Yankee fitted and curb stomps the Miami Marlins out of figurative existence. Welcome to New York Giancarlo, I can already tell you’ll fit right in.

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