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Lane Kiffin Comes From the Clouds to Troll Tennessee Amid Their Coaching Disaster

Lane from the top rope! Coming outta nowhere to throw a little salt on those Tennessee wounds. The whole scenario around Tennessee right now is bonkers. Vols fans have yet to realize how irrelevant they are. So when they didn’t get their A-list name for a coaching hire, they flipped. Pointing mainly to Schiano’s time at Penn State during the Sandusky days. It’s been determined by the police and dozens of private background checks that Schiano committed no wrongdoing or had any involvement in that sadistic child rapists actions (wish I could say the same about Joe Paterno). This was about Schiano as a football coach and a name. Tennessee can hide behind that reason all they want, but that’s not the truth. Don’t dance on graves when your program is in the middle of being lowered into a shallow one.

Back to good old Lane though, the guys still got it! After everything he’s been through, he’s still got the balls to talk shit and I love it. He knows he’s an offensive genius, he knows he’ll get another shot at coaching a top program. He also knows he burned Tennesee hard back in the day. Left them in the dust. Kicked them to the curb in the most savage way. Because Lane doesn’t give a fuck what you think. So why, when the same school he walked out on for the hotter girl, comes calling his name again, would he not take the opportunity to drive that nail in as deep as he could? He’s showing his killer instinct.

Everybody knows Lane’s stint at FAU will be as long as it takes for a major program to come calling again. That’s no surprise. Which they will. But Lane knows he has Tennessee right where he wants them. At their weakest moment. He’s here to remind everyone in college football he’s still the same old Lane. He hasn’t died, he’s just been hibernating.

Make no mistake about it though. Lane Kiffin is waiting for the call from Tennessee. Tennessee will call and Lane will answer. He will consider it. And I hope he accepts it. I hope he accepts it for long enough for them to schedule a press conference. Just for him to step on that podium, lean into the microphone and let Volunteer Nation know he was just fucking with them again and he’s going back to FAU to wait for a real program to offer him a job…which they will.

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