Sheldon Richardson Says Jets are Better Off Without Brandon Marshall

Jeeze here we go, Sheldon Richardson is already talking in OTA’s. The Jets DT Richardson has never been one to mince words and isn’t starting now. Richardson told reporters “The locker room is a whole lot easier to get along with now.” After reporters insisted he elaborated he went on to say “Man oh man, y’all are thirsty. Let’s just say I’ve got 15 reasons why it’s better.”

OH SHIT! The 15 he’s referring to is, of course, Brandon Marshall who has released this offseason and signed with cross-town rival the New York Giants. After dreadful Week 3 beatdown by the Chiefs Marshall and Richardson got into quite the dispute which became public. The locker room was toxic from that point on and the Jets could never recover.

Leave it to Sheldon to stir the pot, I think Sheldon talks too much for my liking, but he’s damn good. A Pro Bowler who will be returning to his traditional 3 technique he’s poised for a career year. I don’t mind it this time though. Marshall is gone and he’s not in the locker room so this won’t be detrimental. I like the confidence and the fire he’s showing in the group of guys now. Maybe it will even spark a little rivalry with the Jets and Giants. If I know Brandon Marshall, who I have always liked, this will piss him off. A pissed Marshall isn’t necessarily a good Marshall.

Remember Marshall has multiple personality disorder, he’s also been a great voice and role model for those who have the disorder. But still, that can’t be easy and isn’t always controllable. He and the flamboyant Odell Beckham will have some highs and lows. It’s not a matter of if it’s just a matter of how often they but heads. But I would like to see some sort of rivalry between the two.

For that to happen the Jets have to be good though. The Jets defense could actually be good this year on the bright side. A defensive line with immense talent in Wilkerson, Williams, and Richardson. Young emerging linebackers in Jordan Jenkins and Daron Lee to go with the old sage David Harris. Cornerback needs help for sure but the Jets arguably got the best player and Safety in Jamal Adams out of LSU. Second round pick Marcus Maye alongside him isn’t too shabby either another SEC player from Florida. The defense has potential to be good.

Part of me wants the Jets to be good, but they’re not going anywhere realistically. I think they might win more games than most do probably 5-7 just from the defense alone. However, the catch 22 is it would hurt their chances at getting a top pick and quarterbacks like Sam Darnold or Josh Alen. If you’re a Jet fan just hope the young nucleus shows potential and makes some big plays, without winning too many games. Tell me it wouldn’t be the most Jet-like thing ever to go 8-8 with Josh McCown and cuckold us out of a top draft pick.

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